Sally Nesta is the Chef and co-owner of Rocky's Pub and Grill. Rick's mother, Kay Nesta, first opened Rocky's with her husband Rocco Nesta in 1970. She took Sally into her kitchen and gave her the supreme family heirloom, her family recipes handed down from generations. Together Rick and Sally have taken what was started and adapted Rocky's into their own, which only enhanced the already existing spirit of the restaurant.

Our philosophy

Family, food, and wine

Rocky's Pub is built on the basic principles all restaurants need to survive. It is a space where family and friends gather to enjoy one another, while being delighted with a magical atmosphere and good food and spirits. 


Our food

Virtuous, pure, Rustic

Chef Sally takes great pride in preparing her menu selections. The bounty is ordered fresh every week and much of her shopping is done at local farmers markets. She takes pride in cooking seasonally for supreme flavor and freshness.

From her personal organic herb garden to the fresh Amish produce, the virtue of every ingredient is kept in mind so that each bite bears the pure and recognizable flavors we enjoy. The chef's personal favorite being her seafood specials. Always ordered in weekly from the freshest catch. 

Executive Chef Sally Nesta